The build is complete and we couldn't be happier with the finished product.

After a yearlong project, Our old school bus is now a custom, fully functional and comfortable motor home:

The interior is open and spacious, with white painted pine and natural cedar dominating the space.  Acacia wood floors, copper curtain rods, butcher block countertops and live-edge lumber accents contribute to the interior feel.

Some systems we installed to make life more comfortable on the road include...

Plumbing:  Water is plumbed to our faucet and outdoor shower, supplied by 25 gallons of freshwater and captured by a 25 gallon grey water system.  The outdoor shower is plumbed through a tankless water heater for on-demand hot water.

Electrical:  We're powered by both 12 and 120 V electricity.  On the road, our house battery and inverter keeps our phones, computers, and our fantastic vent fan running for up to a week while off he grid.

Propane:  LPG feeds our oven and stove, as well as our tankless hot-water heater.

Just for Fun..

Rooftop deck:  The cedar deck atop the bus is used for hauling our paddleboards, picnics and stargazing.  Climbing to the deck give us a whole new perspective and an elevated view.

Hammock posts:  We can easily install four posts that extend over the deck, allowing us to swing our hammocks high up in the sky.

Bike mounts:  With a simple fork mount, we're able to hang our bikes vertically off the back of the bus.  The rear door maintains full functionality and they're easy to take down/put up.