Common Questions:


How did you come up with the name Fern?

Mande teaches second grade and was reading Charlotte’s Web at the time. The name Fern stuck out and felt right for our bus.

What is life like living in your bus?

In a small space, you’re more tuned in with nature.  We adapt to the natural rhythms of day and night and the mood of the weather.  Living out of our bus, we’re a bit more impacted by the rainstorms and wind gusts, the heat waves and cold snaps.  For the most part, this is an absolutely positive thing. The space we created is comfortable and functional but the reason we’re on the road is not to live “in” our bus but rather to live “out of” it. The ability to explore new places, meet new people, AND have our home wherever we are is absolutely the best thing.

What do you love the most about this kind of lifestyle?

Taking life on the road is our way of breaking out of routines and habits and shifting momentum in a new direction.  Comfort can lead to complacency, but adventure is deliberate.  We want the road to heighten our awareness and offer more vivid and memorable experiences.  Our favorite aspect of being on the road and living in the bus is meeting people we wouldn’t have the opportunity to get to know otherwise.  The bus is unique enough that people are drawn to approach it, pop their head in to say hello and chat for a while.  People everywhere have been warm and kind and hospitable.  We’re so refreshed and optimistic because of the people!

How long did it take to complete the refurbishment:

We bought her as a yellow school bus one year ago.  With full time jobs and limited spare time, we squeezed the projects into nights and weekends.  She’s a continual work in progress and probably will never be 100% complete.  There will always be little added features and mini renovations as we live in the bus and adapt to the lifestyle.